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Poverty Information and Research

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LSNJ created the Poverty Research Institute (PRI) in 1997 to assemble data and other information that would assist in its mission of providing civil legal aid. Such information can pinpoint the location, demographics, and other aspects of poverty, helping fashion more effective and efficient legal responses and solutions. Periodically, as a public service, PRI publishes reports and statistics gleaned from this data to enhance public awareness of poverty’s scope, causes, consequences, and remedies. Greater knowledge about poverty can produce public policy decisions that can alleviate some of the legal problems of those living in its grasp, and thereby further serve LSNJ’s core mission. PRI is New Jersey’s first and only entity exclusively focused on developing and updating information on poverty in the state.


Poverty in Focus is a collection of interviews with low-income New Jersey residents who have struggled to make ends meet in a post-recession economy. Efforts to move out of poverty have been thwarted by the harsh realities of high unemployment, a lack of affordable housing, the absence of decent affordable health care, and, too often, an environment of physical and emotional trauma that takes its toll on young and old alike. Poverty in Focus strives to put a human face to the statistical information that has been gathered by LSNJ’s Poverty Research Institute since 1997. Comments and questions may be sent to

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