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11/05/21: REGISTER NOW FOR NOVEMBER 5 WEBINAR: Free Legal Assistance Training (2.6 NJ CLE credits)—Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief: FEMA Assistance, FEMA Appeals, and Insurance Basics

10/25/21: Legal Services of New Jersey Offering Special Hotline Help for Residents Facing Losses From Hurricane Ida’s Devastation

10/08/21: Legal Services to Hold Memorial Service Honoring Its Past President, Melville D. Miller, Jr.

09/28/21: N.J.’s top court strengthens consent standard in sex assault cases (from New Jersey Monitor) - For years, sexual assault victims typically were treated like criminal defendants, forced to prove their innocence, until the Me Too movement in 2017 sparked systemic reforms and conversations about consent.

09/16/21: Essex Newark Legal Services' Jose Ortiz to receive the New Jersey Legal Awards 2021 Unsung Hero award on September 23, 2021 (from the New Jersey Law Journal)

09/13/21: REGISTER NOW FOR SEPTEMBER 13 WEBINAR: Reparations Now

09/02/21: Legal Services of New Jersey Newsletter Focuses on Rights of Tenants Facing Eviction, Obligatory Settlement Conferences

08/14/21: What you need to know to navigate N.J.’s new eviction laws, federal moratoriums (from - Federal orders and state legislation setting new deadlines and mandates for residential evictions during the coronavirus pandemic has been fast-moving and for many, confusing.

08/12/21: REGISTER NOW FOR AUGUST 12 WEBINAR: Supporting and Preserving Families Webinar Series: Substance Use in the Child Welfare System

07/26/21: As evictions loom, courts hope landlord-tenant disputes can be settled without going to trial (from Montclair Local)

07/24/21: As eviction moratorium nears end, N.J. to begin settlement conferences for renters, landlords (from - The first mandatory settlement conferences in more than 56,000 pending landlord-tenant cases will begin next week, nearly a year-and-a-half since a statewide eviction moratorium began amid the coronavirus pandemic.

07/23/21: Is $72,000 a year enough to survive in New Jersey? (from the Philadelphia Inquirer) - Take in less salary and you have to start making trade-offs: Pay the rent, but don’t buy that winter coat.

07/18/21: One-third of N.J. living in poverty, nonprofit says. Here’s how much it costs to live in your county (from - Nearly 3 million people in New Jersey, including 800,000 children, were living in poverty prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to one nonprofit’s updated definition of the term.

07/13/21: More than 2 million people in NJ live in poverty with no federal support (from NJ Spotlight) - The federal poverty level is $20,598. Meaning anyone who earns above it does not qualify for federal support programs. But the true poverty level — the minimum a family of three needs to earn in order to get by in New Jersey — is $74,372. And there are more than 3 million people in New Jersey who fall below that number, with more than 2 million making too much to qualify for federal support, but not enough to pay for daily expenses like food, housing, childcare, transportation and health care. Advocates say the federal government should adjust the federal poverty level to account for the cost of living in high-cost states like New Jersey, so that individuals and families don’t go without their basic needs.

07/11/21: Legal Services of New Jersey Study Finds Nearly 3 Million Residents in True Poverty — Three Times What the Census Reported

07/11/21: Study says more than 3 million live in 'true poverty' in NJ. Most go uncounted (from the Asbury Park Press) - By federal standards, a single working parent with two children in New Jersey could survive on just under $21,000 in 2019. Researchers from Legal Services of New Jersey's Poverty Research Institute suggest in a new report that's way off the mark — such that the government undercounts the number of poor in the state by more than 2 million.

07/11/21: 3 million NJ residents actually living in poverty, report says (from NJ 101.5) - The Census Bureau reported late last year that nearly 800,000 New Jerseyans were living in poverty in 2019. A report released Sunday suggests the actual number is way more than that.

07/08/21: Mandatory NJ landlord-tenant settlements will begin. Here are tenant advocates' concerns (from - Mandatory NJ landlord-tenant settlements will begin. “We want to make really clear that while a settlement conference is mandatory, it doesn't mean they have to settle their case if it's not in their best interest to do so," says Maura Sanders, chief counsel with Legal Services of New Jersey.

07/06/21: Legal Services Newsletter Focuses on Expiditing Marijuana Expungements and School Enrollment Protections for Students

06/30/21: Is your NJ apartment illegal? How to tell, plus what renters need to know about eviction (from the Asbury Park Press) - "One big sign that an apartment is illegal is the price," said Jose Ortiz, deputy director of Essex Newark Legal Services. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There's a very high demand for affordable housing in New Jersey, and a very small supply of decent affordable units."

06/28/21: Commemorating the Stonewall Uprising—Our Work Is Not Done

05/28/21: Legal Services of New Jersey Newsletter Focuses on How Human Traffickers Use Drugs to Recruit People

05/25/21: If Not Now, Then When?: Racism, Poverty, and the Struggle for Equal Rights

05/16/21: Unable to evict tenants, some N.J. landlords sue them instead (from - Her landlord had filed to evict her from her Jersey City apartment over the summer, but because of the state’s eviction moratorium, she would not be forced to leave. After spending a few months without work, she had resumed her job as a mail carrier. And she had just learned that a county-administered grant of CARES Act funding would cover much of her back rent.

05/06/21: Legal Services of New Jersey Newsletter Focuses on Tenants’ Rights Against Illegal Eviction Circumstances

03/11/21: Despite COVID eviction freeze, NJ renters still being locked out by landlords (from

03/08/21: Legal Services Newsletter Focuses on Special Assistance Programs for New Jerseyans During the COVID Pandemic

03/05/21: ‘He had a passion for fighting against injustice that was incomparable.’ Founder of Legal Services of N.J. dies at 76. (from - Melville D. Miller Jr., founder of Legal Services of New Jersey, a nonprofit organization that has represented impoverished residents in 2.6 million housing, employment, welfare and other civil court cases over the last 50 years, died Wednesday. He was 76.

03/04/21: Legal Services of New Jersey Visionary Melville D. Miller, Jr. Dies
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02/11/21: Latest Legal Services Newsletter Focuses on 2020 Federal Income Tax Returns and the Growth of Human Trafficking

01/29/21: How to get your criminal record expunged in New Jersey (from the Philadelphia Inquirer) - Having a criminal record can create serious barriers to elements of everyday life like finding a job or housing, or applying for public aid programs. But it’s a common issue in the United States, where an estimated 70 million to 100 million people have some form of criminal record.

01/04/21: Fear of mass evictions builds in Hudson County as months worth of unpaid rent continues to add up (from - The coronavirus pandemic has created a striking phenomenon: a population of unemployed Americans living on the margins are simultaneously fully protected from homelessness and falling deeper and deeper in debt to their landlords.