Environmental Justice in New Jersey A Melville “De” Miller, Jr. Justice Series Webinar

December 09, 2022

On December 9, 2022, LSNJ presented a webinar as part of its Melville "De" Miller Justice Series “Environmental Justice in New Jersey.” The panel, moderated by Akil Roper, Senior Vice President and Co-Supervisor of LSNJ’s Racial and Ethnic Justice Initiative, featured Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, New Jersey Legislative District #15, Constituent Outreach Chair and Deputy Majority Leader, 2020-2021; Olga D. Pomar, Housing Preservation and Community Development Coordinator, South Jersey Legal Services; Melissa Miles, Executive Director, New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance; and Dr. Nicky Sheats, Director, Center for the Urban Environment at the John S. Watson Institute for Urban Policy and Research at Kean University.

Experts discussed the concept of environmental justice and the impact of environmental hazards on “overburdened communities,” as well as the fight for fairer environmental laws and protections from unsafe conditions in New Jersey.

The opinions and ideas expressed by the invited speakers, panelists, and community members are broadcast to inform and educate, to expand thought and stimulate discussion, and may not necessarily represent the position or views of LSNJ. Nothing contained herein is it meant by LSNJ to attempt to influence government decision making, enacting, changing, or removing legislation, rules, or other covered government actions, nor is it meant to encourage others to contact government officials with that position.

This webinar was part of the Melville “De” Miller, Jr. Justice Series, named in honor of LSNJ’s co-founder and former president. These free events are open to the public and intended to raise awareness of important social, legal, and economic justice issues. They feature guest lecturers and members of the community who speak on topics of appeal to both lawyers and non-lawyers. Continuing credits are offered for lawyers. For information on sponsoring an upcoming Justice Series event, email [email protected].


Additional documents (PDF format) used in the training are below: