Discrimination and Bias in New Jersey A Melville “De” Miller, Jr. Justice Series Webinar

June 15, 2022

On June 15, 2022, LSNJ presented a webinar as part of its Melville "De" Miller Justice Series “Discrimination and Bias in New Jersey.” The panel, moderated by Akil Roper, Senior Vice President and Co-Supervisor of LSNJ’s Racial and Ethnic Justice Initiative, featured Aarin Williams, Interim Chief of Strategic Initiatives and Enforcement for the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights; Reginald Johnson, Agent for the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office and President of the Metuchen-Edison Branch of the NAACP; and Shivi Prasad, Director of LSNJ’s Poverty Research Institute, presented to an audience of nearly 800 attendees.

While bias and hate incidents have drawn national attention, our home state of New Jersey is experiencing increased reported bias incidents in our communities, schools, and now increasingly over the internet, across the state.

The webinar examined trends and factors affecting the recent uptick in reported bias incidents and the corresponding impact on specific communities in New Jersey. Participants discussed the use of statistics and other data reporting methods to increase public awareness of poverty, inequity, and injustice, and in support our efforts to help secure more positive outcomes for low-income people in New Jersey. The discussion also included local efforts to address bias incidents and an overview of a number of significant discrimination impact cases brought by the NAACP in New Jersey.

This webinar was part of the Melville “De” Miller, Jr. Justice Series, named in honor of LSNJ’s co-founder and former president. These free events are open to the public and intended to raise awareness of important social, legal, and economic justice issues. They feature guest lecturers and members of the community who speak on topics of appeal to both lawyers and non-lawyers. Continuing credits are offered for lawyers. For information on sponsoring an upcoming Justice Series event, email [email protected].

The opinions and ideas expressed by the invited speakers, panelists, and community members are broadcast to inform and educate, to expand thought and stimulate discussion, and may not necessarily represent the position or views of LSNJ. Nothing contained herein is meant by LSNJ to attempt to influence government decision-making, enacting, changing, or removing legislation, rules, or other covered government actions, nor is it meant to encourage others to contact government officials with that position.


Additional documents (PDF format) used in the training are below: