Reparations Now A Melville “De” Miller, Jr. Justice Series Webinar

September 13, 2021

As we continue to raise awareness and understanding of systemic racism, more particularly the history, policies, and practices that intertwine to disadvantage Black people, we understand the increasingly urgent call for reparations.

In this webinar, held on September 13, 2021 and moderated by LSNJ Senior Vice President Akil Roper, we were joined by Ryan P. Haygood, President and CEO, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice; Crystal Crawford, Executive Director, Western Center on Law and Poverty; Kamilah Moore, Chair, California Reparations Task Force, and Kenya Tyson, Executive Director, The Black Massacre Project and Professor/Assistant Provost of Academic Affairs and University Curriculum, The New School. We explored the call for reparations in the context of historical, structural, and systemic racism and the war against poverty.

With over 200 people in attendance, Haygood spoke about the urgent socioeconomic conditions of Black people in New Jersey and the statewide efforts to create a reparations task force, and presented ways in which people can support the call for reparations. Crawford’s presentation addressed the role of advocacy in connection with grassroots efforts to bring about positive change and equity leading up to passage of the first statewide reparations law. Moore described the ongoing work of California’s Reparations Task Force and the path ahead. Tyson discussed reparations in the context of national Black historical massacres such as the Black Wall Street massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the strength and resilience of communities in the face of such attacks. Together, the panelists raised awareness of the need for reparations and the growing movement to bring reparations to New Jersey and nationwide.

This webinar was part of the Melville “De” Miller, Jr. Justice Series, named in honor of LSNJ’s co-founder and former president. These free events are open to the public and intended to raise awareness of important social, legal, and economic justice issues. They feature guest lecturers and members of the community who speak on topics of appeal to both lawyers and non-lawyers. Continuing credits are offered for lawyers. For information on sponsoring an upcoming Justice Series event, email [email protected].

The opinions and ideas expressed by the invited speakers, panelists, and community members are broadcast to inform and educate, to expand thought and stimulate discussion, and may not necessarily represent the position or views of LSNJ. Nothing contained herein is meant by LSNJ to attempt to influence government decision-making, enacting, changing, or removing legislation, rules, or other covered government actions, nor is it meant to encourage others to contact government officials with that position.


Additional documents (PDF format) used in the training are below: