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Unlike criminal cases, people in civil legal cases do not have a right to an attorney. When one of the 2.74 million New Jersey residents living in poverty faces a complicated and life-altering legal problem such as eviction, foreclosure, domestic violence, lack of access to healthcare, hunger, and consumer fraud, they will likely face it alone—with no attorney, no advocate at their side.

It is estimated that this population will experience more than a million civil legal cases in the year ahead. When they do, they will turn to Legal Services for help. Legal Services is New Jersey’s network of six non-profit corporations, with offices in every county, that provide essential legal aid in civil matters to people who cannot afford the cost of legal representation. In the past 50 years, we took on more than 2.4 million cases; last year alone, over 47,000 cases.

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“You can’t do it yourself. There’s just no way. You have to contact somebody and get help.”


“He kept reassuring me. And then it worked when we went to court. It really worked.”


“You can call them, reach them, ask them, and they gonna help you.”


“I want to say thank you to Legal Services. . . . If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have succeeded.”