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Directors & Administration

Douglas E. Gershuny, Executive Director
Ann M. Gorman, Deputy Director
Kenneth M. Goldman, Director of Litigation & Advocacy
Paula Correia, Finance Director
Brittani A. Morris, Director of Human Resources
Abbey Tanu, Staff Accountant
Denise Williams, Senior Administrative Assistant
Joann G. Diaz, Administrative Assistant
Ronny-Lynn Bracarello, Fiscal Assistant

Atlantic County Office

James M. McClain, Managing Attorney
Mitchell S. Moskovitz, Senior Attorney
Katelyn E. McKenzie, Staff Attorney
Alexander F. Hersonski, Staff Attorney
Sheila Hughes, Staff Attorney
Jordan Posner, Law Graduate
Randall A. Bethke, Staff Attorney
Alice J. Kavanagh, Staff Attorney
Carla Davila, Legal Secretary

Burlington County Office

Maria A. Born, Managing Attorney
Fana N. Wray-Hopkins, Staff Attorney
Christopher F. Vanette, Staff Attorney
Thomas J. LaMaina, Staff Attorney
Siwatu A. Wilson, Staff Attorney
Amy Pinkas, Paralegal
Vanessa S. Gonzalez, Legal Secretary

Camden County Office

John P. Pendergast, Managing Attorney
Sonia L. Bell, Senior Attorney
Abigail M. Sullivan, Staff Attorney
Alan W. Lesso, Staff Attorney
Nessa B. Limbers, Staff Attorney
Lynda Yamamoto, Staff Attorney
Sandra Schick Passaro, Staff Attorney
Sabrina T. Williams, Staff Attorney
Noorzahan Khan, Staff Attorney
D. Ray Alvarez, Staff Attorney
Margarita Clements, Advocate Paralegal
Jean Gallagher, Advocate Paralegal
Arlene Tolbert, Paralegal
Yahaira Cordero, Legal Secretary

Cape May County Office

Elizabeth A. Cunningham, Managing Attorney
Michelle L. Altenpohl, Staff Attorney
Kathleen Carson Smith, Staff Attorney
Leslie D. Montgomery, Advocate Paralegal
Lisa Douglass, Legal Secretary

Cumberland/Salem County Office

Ashley M. Courtney, Managing Attorney
Jennifer R. Pérez, Staff Attorney
Harry Chung, Staff Attorney
John M. Corcoran, Staff Attorney
Rebecca L. Rapp, Staff Attorney
Andrew G. Beams, Staff Attorney
Charlene Miller, Senior Legal Secretary

Gloucester County Office

Connie M. Sailey, Managing Attorney
Andrew Vazquez-Schroedinger, Staff Attorney
Olatokunbo Emmanuel, Staff Attorney
Rebecca A. Preuss, Staff Attorney
Jean DeAngelis, Senior Legal Secretary

Monmouth County Office

Alicia F. Williams, Managing Attorney
Justine Digeronimo, Staff Attorney
Troy Christian Torres, Staff Attorney
Cassandra M. Stabbert, Staff Attorney
Cadence Hulme, Staff Attorney
Portia L. Bethea, Law Graduate
Adelynne Carde, Paralegal
Julie Escobar Pedraza, Legal Secretary

Ocean County Office

Natasha J. McLaurin, Managing Attorney
Christopher H. Benson, Staff Attorney
Ashley C. Camporeale, Staff Attorney
Benjamin D’Alessio, Staff Attorney
Lisa M. Sassone, Staff Attorney
Milenda R. Merrill, Law Graduate
Geoffrey LeGrand, Law Graduate
Jennifer Chinchilla, Paralegal
Anabel Rodriguez, Legal Secretary

Centralized Intake Unit

Richard M. Chiumento, Managing Attorney
Carlos Santiago, Paralegal
Carmen Ostroff, Paralegal
Jennifer Smith, Paralegal
Patrick Dunican, Paralegal
Yesenia J. Sanchez, Paralegal
Alexis Fisher, Paralegal
Janet Roman, Paralegal

Migrant Farmworker Unit

Karen Zamudio, Paralegal
Dorothy Rios, Senior Legal Secretary

LITC Project

Benjamin Fidalgo, Staff Attorney

Private Attorney Involvement Project

Michelle T. Nuciglio, Director of Pro Bono Services
Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski, Assistant Pro Bono Coordinator

Housing Preservation & Community Economic Development

Olga D. Pomar, Housing Preservation & CED Coordinator


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