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Legal Projects

Our teams offer legal services to protect our clients’ basic needs:

  • Protection of �income and assets � defense of debt collection by the Consumer Team;
  • Access to health care and income supports with Public Entitlements;
  • Safe and affordable housing, Housing Team;
  • Family stability and personal safety, Family Team,
  • Life with dignity in the community, with planning documents by Autonomy Team.

We provide education throughout the community about these legal concerns.

We also work within Legal Projects to provide the following services:

Civil Commitments: LSNWJ is court-appointed to represent Morris County adults who have been committed by a civil order. LSNWJ provides representation to the client in all hearings on the commitment. LSNWJ is also appointed to represent clients who are subject to an IOC (Intensive Outpatient Commitment) Order.

Elder Law: LSNWJ provides legal advice, representation and preparation of legal documents, for people aged 60 and older. Applicants are served without regard to income.

Expungements: LSNWJ offers legal assistance with criminal record expungement. LSNWJ also offers a Pro Bono Project to provide this legal assistance:

Reboot and Rebound: With our collaborative corporate counsel partners AIG and Chubb, counsel and paralegals assist LSNWJ clients with petitions to expunge criminal records.

Guardianship Project: LSNWJ is court-appointed to represent adults with disabilities ages 18 and over who are in need of guardianship. The attorney meets with the client and his or her proposed guardian(s) and prepares a report for the Court. If the matter is contested, LSNWJ provides representation to the person in need of guardianship in the court proceeding.

Hope Hub, Morris County: The Hope Hub is a panel of multiple agencies working together to get the individuals or family members in Morris County the help they need to thrive in the community. Agencies will work together to connect the individuals or family members to life-changing services. LSNWJ will be referred matters for legal assistance.

Housing Project: LSNWJ has received funding to expand eligibility limits for housing cases in Somerset County.

Innovation: Working with the courts and Morris CARES (Center for Addiction Recovery Education & Success), we provide legal services for people experiencing substance abuse disorder who are involved with the justice system.

Legal Assistance for People Affected by HIV/AIDS: LSNWJ has expanded eligibility limits and expanded services for people affected by HIV/AIDS. We provide legal assistance in matters affecting the client’s basic needs.

Legal Hands - Education and Support for Older Adults: A LSNWJ Social Worker provides outreach and supports client survivors of disaster age 50+ with accessing services, funded by the AARP Foundation.

LIBRE (Legal Intervention Brings Recovery and Empowerment) Project: A collaborative project with the domestic abuse service providers in Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, Sussex and Warren Counties, LIBRE provides comprehensive and coordinated services to assist victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Merck Autonomy Project Morris County and Somerset County: Merck in-house counsel and paralegals are paired to assist a client, screened by LSNWJ staff, by preparing planning documents: Last Will and Testament, Advance Health Care Directive, Durable Power of Attorney.

Merck Tenancy Project: In partnership with the LSNWJ Housing Team, volunteer attorneys represent clients in eviction matters at tenancy court. Volunteer paralegals support the attorneys. The Project welcomes volunteer associates from law firms and in-house counsel from corporations.

Morris Family Justice Project: LSNWJ is a partner in the Morris Family Justice Center, a community-wide approach to delivering services to victims of domestic violence. An LSNWJ attorney and paralegal provide comprehensive legal assistance, for clients of the Morris Family Justice Center, operated by JBWS.

Morris HEAL (Health Education and Legal): A Medical Legal Partnership of LSNWJ and Zufall Health to address the legal needs of Zufall’s patients. A collaboration of healthcare and legal professionals in order to improve health outcomes

Re-Entry: In cooperation with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office STAR (Successful Transition and Re-Entry Program), our attorneys provide Know Your Rights training to people who are incarcerated and legal assistance to people returning to their communities.

Veteran’s Justice Initiative: LSNWJ partners with Community Hope, an organization that helps veterans with support services, to uncover veterans’ legal needs. Community Hope sends referrals to LSNWJ for Veterans who need legal help. These Veterans are eligible for our services regardless of assets or income. In addition to our full range of legal services, we provide expanded services for veterans such as Veterans Disability Benefits, Criminal Record Expungements and Driver’s License Restoration under Merck VJI License Restoration Project. VJI is a collaborative project of Merck, Lowenstein Sandler LLP, Community Hope and LSNWJ.


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